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Difficult Conversations – Poor Performance

Dealing with a poorly performing employee can be frustrating. It can be complex and time consuming to make sure you get the right result - an improvement in their performance, or failing that, them being managed out of the organisation in a fair and legal way.

It is likely you will meet with a poorly performing employee at least twice; the first time to tell them how their performance is ineffective and set targets for improvement, and the second to review their progress and make a decision about their future. In practice, you may have several other steps to follow, but the conversations will follow the same pattern, and if you master that pattern, you will find it easier to deal with any conversation about performance effectively.

And what is the pattern? You prepare. You talk. You listen. You consider. You decide. You communicate your decision. In basic terms, it is as simple as that.  Article continued here.



We are the only staffing firm dedicated entirely to the packaging industry. We know your language and understand your needs. We currently have over 41,000 packaging professionals in our database. Do you want help moving someone currently on staff? We can help you find a new position for him or her. Is expansion your goal? We know where they are. Call us today and talk to us about your needs. You never pay us a penny until you actually hire someone. Looking is always free but you need to begin today. Tomorrow never comes.



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79114 Machine Operator – The candidate has experience with rubber flexo machine operation and with paper converting machinery (not boxes), including Altrex, 2-3 color system; based in the east and prefers a first shift opportunity

79118 Production Supervisor – This Atlanta-area supervisor has experience with blow molding and thermoforming of trays, lids, bowls, etc., running teams of up to 40 people

79304 Designer – This new designer has experience with Impact CAD and worked on box designs, from concept to prototype to production, and has experience testing retortable products (thermal, pH, moisture analysis, colorimetry, shelf-life, TBARS, etc.) and testing of packaging for human and animal requirements; candidate is based in the Southeast, but will relocate

79232 Manufacturing Supervisor – This Southeastern supervisor has experience with blending, compression and encapsulation in high-performance operations and can handle all aspects of food or cosmetic production

69834 Maintenance Manager/Mechanic – Candidate has experience repairing equipment in packaging and food processing and has experience with mechanical – hydraulic, gears, conveyors, and with electrical – PLC, laser sorters, prox sensors and more

70114 Corrugated Machine Operator – This Southeastern candidate has experience with rotary die cutters, flexo-gluers, Bobst and other equipment used in the making of corrugated boxes, and can mount plates and dies on rotary die cutting machines

44286 Packaging Sales Representative – This candidate has experience selling packing and cartoning equipment in the east and has technical expertise in that area

79318  Corrugated Production - Southeastern candidate has experience operating Martin 2-color and 8-color die cutters, flexo folder gluers, and Ward and United die cutters, and has supervised production employees in a corrugated box production plant


Doug Swiatecki

800-548-3506 ext. 3278





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Doug Swiatecki

800-548-3506 ext. 3278



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