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Whatever position you want; machine operator, distribution, buyer, sales, designer, engineer, ink chemist, manager, executive or product manager we have the contacts to find you your ideal job. We have nearly 19,000 packaging locations in our database that cover all 50 states and Canada.

Finding a new job can be a difficult experience. It's not always easy to find a new position that offers you what you're looking for, be it an increase in pay, a higher level of responsibility, more flexible hours or a work environment that just feels right. We can help you find that new position. Our experience offers the highest level of expertise in satisfying your career needs. 


We can professionally manage your career.  All major athletes and performers have professional career managers that they spend thousands of dollars on.  You can have that same professional representation at no cost to you.  Now is the time to settle in to that ideal job.  You are in demand.  Call us today and let us explain what we can do for you to further your career.


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We have worked with many packaging clients over the years. Assignments have ranged from hourly operators through top management.  We have over 17,000 packaging locations in our database.

Our success is built on professionalism, performance and an understanding of the critical factors that make a search successful. Our success is built on our ability to find positions for highly talented, effective professionals like you that you won't find on your own. We have helped place job seekers in various job classifications. These include:

* Sales Professionals
* Designers
* Engineers
* Project Managers
* Superintendents
* Environmental
* Manufacturing
* Quality Control
* Accounting/Finance
* Production Management
* Human Resources

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